Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Annals of Finance Department flip-flops"

A few columnists of note today, with their takes on Mr. Flaherty's $50 billion deficit revelation...

Lawrence Martin with a good one: "In the Finance Minister's case, the issue is credibility." Tracing the foolhardy economic mismanagement of the supposed uber-managers. And replete with two mentions of dunce caps, headgear item of the week in the Finance Minister's office.

Travers hitting similar notes today: "Are Flaherty's critics justified?: Yes." With an interesting little hint that Ignatieff is trying to recruit David Dodge, the former Bank of Canada governor or someone of comparable stature to run in order to acquire more economic credentials to sell to voters for, you know, cleaning up after Harper & Flaherty purposes. Wouldn't that be a contrast to the PM's utter failure to attract any star candidates to round out his own bench.