Thursday, May 14, 2009

A call for fairness not politics on the EI issue

In other words, something genetically incomprehensible to Mr. Harper. But nevertheless, McGuinty and a wide swath of Ontario pols are lining up against Harper on the EI issue:
"Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, who is from the hard-hit city of Windsor, was more direct, saying he'd like to see Ignatieff's suggested reforms implemented.

'An unemployed autoworker in my community takes longer to qualify and gets less benefits, even though my community has the highest unemployment rate in the country,' Duncan said.

'This is about a province of Ontario that's contributed an enormous amount to the employment insurance program and is not accessing it.'

Christine Elliott, one of the front-runners in the leadership race to head Ontario's Progressive Conservatives, also backs the reforms.

She said Thursday if Ontario workers don't get treated fairly, they should 'take matters into our own hands.'

'From the point of view of Ontario, EI reform is not a political issue, it is a fairness issue,' said Elliott, who is married to federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

'In its present state, it is manifestly unfair to Ontarians, a province which is bearing much of the brunt of the recession.'"(emphasis added)
Now those dynamics would make for a fascinating election scenario...wouldn't they?