Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Citizenship committee hearings Tuesday

A few more points on the Dhalla matter...

The hearings on caregivers are set to occur at the Citizenship & Immigration committee today, with two caregivers who worked in Dhalla's mother's home testifying by video. Dhalla is also now scheduled to appear, wanting to give her evidence at the same time. Smart politically to try to start turning the tide back.

You can't help but think that the report done by this committee, released last week, with its numerous recommendations will be a secondary consideration now when it really shouldn't be if the good industrious committee folk are indeed concerned with the issues raised there, including Conservative opposition to a number of the committee recommendations in the report. Hopefully the committee won't lose sight of the report and their work on Tuesday. But we likely can't count on that. How's this for more altruistic political inquiry:
Dhalla's mother and brother are slated to appear before the Committee on May 26th.
On the Conservative connection watch, an interesting point in Don Martin's column last night:
Mr. Levitt claims to have dots that connect the nanny complaints to the office of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, a partisan pit bull who hasn’t looked this happy since his Cabinet swearing-in ceremony.
That's interesting but if Levitt was interviewed by Martin on the phone Monday, not sure why he's holding back. This train has left the station and presumably the dots that connect Kenney to the issue should be disclosed sooner rather than later, if they are indeed there. There is, as Martin points out, quite a bit of circumstantial evidence but the overt connection is lacking:
More interesting is the connection between Ms. Dhalla’s election rival, Conservative hopeful Parm Gill, and Mr. Kenney. It is tighter than normal contact with Mr. Gill as a regular event tagalong with Mr. Kenney in the Toronto area and even accompanying him on a trip to India.
It certainly doesn't stave off skeptical glances when this is the backdrop.

Dhalla is making the right move in having sought to testify. Best to face it up front, show you have nothing to hide and tell your story. As will the caregivers. As will the rest of the committee by its conduct. At least we should have some kind of indication of the story's staying power by the time this wraps up later today.