Friday, May 29, 2009

Conservative Dean Del Mastro sends ballots to dead people

Somebody's sounding defensive: "MP defends polling process." Hmmm. If you were gettin' feedback like this from your little survey, you might be too: "Thanks from me, myself and my dear, dead mother," "Ballots on Little Lake being mailed to deceased and people who have moved," "Ballots mailed to the dead." And from the Examiner report today:
City Coun. Ann Farquharson said she received five ballots - two for her father who died in 2004, one for her mother who died two years ago, one addressed to a stranger and one in her name.
Think that survey's el busto.

And see how nice Dean's being to the private developer, having the taxpayer foot the bill for this little flawed survey, saving the developer a little bundle:
Del Mastro said it cost taxpayers about $2,500 to print the ballots.

If someone wanted to mail 98,608 letters using 54-cent postage stamps bought at a post office and include stamps for the return shipment, it would cost $106,497.
And that is this morning's update on the Del Mastro condo development watch...