Monday, May 04, 2009

A few blog notes post-convention

Nothing on the blog since Saturday, terrible! Have been in transit and now getting back into T.O. life. Very glad to have gone to the convention, for many reasons. Just want to thank the bloggers here.

First, it was a pleasure to meet bloggers I haven't before: Danielle Takacs (thx for veteran info and while on the floor Saturday), Woman at Mile O (tireless, along with AM Fresh), Liberal Arts & Minds (laughed mightily with her, memorable Andrew Coyne moment...:)), Jim Curran (the coolest thing on two feet, I'm tellin' ya), Warren Kinsella (gracious, would have loved to speak longer, best of luck to him with surgery), Dr. Dawg (tremendous), Jason Lamarche (didn't get to speak more unfortunately, busy guy), Jamie Callingham (star networker), MapleThree (another I didn't get a chance to speak with more) and No Matter How Small (irrepressible, great convention comraderie). Thanks to Jason Cherniak as well for his tireless efforts as blogger liaison.

And good to see again Steve (keep doing your thing and ignore the naysayers), Jennifer (diehard), Jim Calder (all too briefly) and Jeff (um, pro - what else is there to say?).

If I've missed anyone, apologies.

Unfortunately, over a few days, there's not nearly enough time to converse and get to know everybody the way you'd like. To talk nuts and bolts blogging, processes, ideas, brainstorming. Rooms are loud, there are events ongoing and you want to be there to take it in. There's the concurrent lack of sleep, food, and there you have it. If the convention had been two days longer, I think I'd have been more content on that front.

There is so much more potential for growth and innovation in the Canadian Liberal and progressive blogosphere and online community that you sense at these things. I have the feeling that it's just at its beginning stages, online engagement is growing but nowhere near where it could be.

Update (7:10 p.m.): And an oversight on my part, a big thanks to Adam Miron at LPC for his efforts in setting up the bloggers for the convention.