Friday, May 01, 2009

A few Friday notes...

Am fairly settled now and getting back into blogging swing...likely much more later today from the bloggers' sanctuary in the Convention Centre.

To think that I missed a monumental occasion while in transit yesterday. Someone's 50th birthday...and done with such aplomb, too. Never heard of the flamingo thing before, but whatever. Different strokes for very different folks. Hope our PM enjoyed his last birthday celebration at 24 Sussex. But please take those ugly things off the lawn when you leave...:)

I would second this sentiment:
Karass said he can't downplay the mistakes Dion made in the last election. But "it hurts me when I realize that Canadians can't see past his language barriers," Karass said yesterday. "I wish we were a country more willing to look past that, especially given that we're an immigrant country."
Dion tribute tonight at Convention, where I will likely be.

And what is up with this...James Moore suddenly is going to give CBC that $60 million in extra funding they've been getting for years? Why now and why did they make CBC squirm? Still don't believe that makes up for CBC's shortfall but it appears to be a backtrack from the Harper crew, once more:
Moore also confirmed for the House of Commons heritage committee that the CBC would receive an additional $60-million this fiscal year, money for programming it has received annually since 2001.
They had declined, until now to do this. For the love of...