Friday, May 15, 2009

Hearts and minds

From an email today regarding this morning's post:
One could perhaps add one more element to the insult that the attack ads on a Canadian who supposedly spent too much time abroad represent: Not only are we "receiving lessons now from young spokesthingies about how Canadians should properly act, here and abroad", we are also being told how to speak French, i.e. by no means with a Parisian accent, similar to the way in which Mr. Dion was
annihilated for the way he spoke English with a French accent - possibly also tinged with "Parisian" because of his mother from France..

I came here as an immigrant more than 40 year ago after having studied English (with a British accent) and French (with a Parisian accent) at a European university. I feel personally insulted by these Conservative smears and have reached such a state of despair about Canada and how it has changed that I am seriously considering, in my old age, leaving for good and returning to my country of origin, which is known for its very effective and successful coalitions, among many other things. Maybe ideas like globalization and being a cosmopolitan citizen were just a sham and a joke and Trudeau was THE exception in Canadian history, and we had better return to our little corners (in my case populated by 80 million people) where we do not have an accent of any kind and belong unconditionally. How sad and depressing.
Thanks a lot, and please carry on what you are doing. Maybe my children and grandchildren have some hope of the country returning to decency.
Interesting to see the kinds of reactions being sown due to these ads. Maybe the fact that the tactic was thoroughly deployed on Stephane Dion may, perversely, inoculate Ignatieff but we'll see.

Speak up and speak out, Canadians!

Update (6:15 p.m.): Another response:
Just a thought. How do these attacks square with the Conservative insistence Canada is "back on the world stage"?

Isn't it awfully hard to be 'on stage' if you aren't allowed to leave the wings, so to speak?