Saturday, May 30, 2009

Historic disappointment

More letters:
"The news that the Conservative government of Stephen Harper will likely run a historic $50 billion plus deficit this year is a historic disappointment for Canadians. Was it not just six short months ago that Messieurs Harper and Flaherty informed us that Canada would celebrate the windfalls of another budgetary surplus? Were we not told by the economist Prime Minister that his 'steady hand on the tiller' would steer Canada to a position of economic strength in the global community, and moreover, that there would be 'no recession'?

Now it seems we're facing what Flaherty calls 'a deeper economic slowdown than anticipated,' including record unemployment and bankruptcies, and a growing burden of debt to hoist on to our children's shoulders.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have decided that issuing personal attacks against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff should be their priority 'shovel ready' project.

For suffering Canadians, the government's plan is now clear. Misleading us about the opposition leader is actually a Harper government stimulus plan, strategically designed to save the only jobs that matter to them: their own.

Michael L. Maynard, Oshawa"
The letters on that page are pretty brutal today, have a look.