Monday, May 25, 2009

If you listen closely, it's the sound of slight backtracking you hear...

The Conservative ministers seem to be singing from a slightly different hymn book today. Departing from their party's present and opposite message that's flooding the airwaves. Saw Flaherty's statement today when speaking about the deficit and it made me smile:
We're all Canadians. We're all in this together. There's a mutuality of interest,” he said.
Then noticed Aaron Wherry's bit that flagged Diane Finley as well:
It's important we focus not on partisan politics right now, but that we [move] forward, let us keep moving to get the economic stimulus out there to create programs like this,” Ms. Finley said at a news conference in Oshawa, a city beset by job losses from the decaying manufacturing sector.

“We don't need another election right now,” she said. (emphasis added)
These Conservatives, their chutzpah knows no bounds! So what is it, the Leger poll? Or, to use the words of our PM, are his ministers just engaged in an exercise of suck and blow, having it both ways?

Whatever it is, it is ludicrous given the activity that their party is presently engaged in. We will call it backtracking, around here...:)

See also, Tribe, who is enjoying the humour as well.