Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kenney on Question Period today

Clip here. Very carefully and publicly discussing the allegations surrounding Dhalla without of course actually discussing the specifics in her case on national television.

Seemed a little hesitant and careful when asked whether his office has had any contact with the caregivers in Dhalla's case and whether he had ever met them. "Not to the best of my knowledge," he replied, sounding very lawyerly. Although it's possible that some of the people involved in the story, he said, were at meetings he attended on the subject of caregivers, which is the first hint we've had that yes, his office or Kenney himself may have actually met some of those involved. He also offered that his department had been in touch with those representing the caregivers in the Dhalla case to mention to them whistle blowing protections and to assure them that the time they had spent at the Dhalla house would be counted in their favour in terms of requirements they would have to meet. I suspect that an in-depth rigorous interview could have produced a bit more from Kenney here to probe those responses further.
Kenney also said he only became aware of the case after the Toronto Star released its report. He also said that, to the best of his knowledge, he has never met the caregivers. But he said it may be possible they attended some of the roundtable discussions he's held for caregivers in the Greater Toronto Area.
CTV report, entitled, "Kenney denies political involvment in Dhalla case," which is less fulsome than the video interview, here.