Saturday, May 02, 2009

Liveblogging constitutional plenary

The mechanics of party governance...wonks, get excited.

Young Liberals of Canada motion is up first this morning, proposing 25 of the 100 points to be weighted in favour of the youth vote within the One Member One Vote framework proposal ("OMOV"). Braeden Caley has initiated debate in favour of it and debate is proceeding.

Justin Trudeau is up front to speak on it imminently. Against, disincentive to recruitment, fixing at 25% discourages numbers if below 25%, in favour of OMOV no youth weighting.

John Lennard, YLC Presidential candidate speaks against the YLC proposal.

Bit mmmore debate by show of cards. Vote is being counted presently...aaaaaaand overwhelming show against the motion by a sea of cards, the motion for 25% weighting in favour of YLC is defeated.