Saturday, May 02, 2009

Liveblogging continued...on to Bob Rae's intro now

Bob Rae is the designate to place Ignatieff's name into nomination formally. So here we go, should be a barn burner from Rae (OK, anyone who reads this blog knows I love Bob Rae, so allow me to indulge).

Talking about the need for Liberal party to speak deeply to the needs of Canada, as it is not happening now. "A voice for national unity and national purpose."

Rae on Ignatieff, he knows the world and knows his country, bit of an inoculation added there as we all know the criticism. Need more than one man one government...collegial form of governing has been gutted. No cabinet team just a throne and a mirror...:) "The majority of the Canadian people do not support this government."

Rae again making the point he did in the Canada and the World session yesterday, that world leaders are asking him where is Canada? Today's voice is more like an echo of something George Bush would have said...two years ago.

Citing the track record of prior leaders now, Trudeau Charter of Rights, Martin and Chretien getting Canada back on right economic path, Dion on environmental integrity has set the bar high.

Not actually the best speech I've heard from Rae but since we set the bar high for him around here, it'll still do. Nomination, submitted.