Saturday, May 02, 2009

Liveblogging continued...the Dion speech

Paul Martin did a brief tribute speech to Stephane Dion, critiquing the Harper record and speaking about the role Dion played in standing up to Mr. Harper every day while leader of the opposition. The video tribute to Mr. Dion was relatively similar to video seen during the election but to this viewer, no less impressive in showing the decency of the man.

Brief introduction by Michael Ignatieff and now Mr. Dion is speaking. After everything that's come before this tonight, for some reason, it is magnifying to me the fundamental indecency of the Conservatives for their unprecedented negative attack on a great Canadian. Part of the continued motivation to blog and work for their defeat.

Dion speaks of the challenge facing Liberals, to articulate the case to Canadians on dealing with the economic challenges of the moment. Cites three elements: people, the green economy and research. Some of Dion's points, eliminating poverty, some of the policies speaking to that this weekend, an appeal for green infrastructure, etc., similar to the Obama initiatives and in terms of research, an appeal that resonated for a Liberal government to ensure that scientists and research have the support that is presently not there from Conservatives.

Climate change remarks from Dion...ignoring global warming is not an option. "If we want to be free traders, we cannot be free riders." A bit of a commentary from Mr. Dion on his environmental efforts. A little bit of Schopenhauer, blogging homeys! The life cycle of a good idea...first it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, then it is accepted as self-evident. Couched as he did, with a preliminary acknowledgement that it's up to the new team to come up with environmental policies.

A thoughtful, gracious speech as usual for Mr. Dion, I remain a big fan.