Thursday, May 07, 2009

Not just we bloggers smelling something fishy with the Dhalla allegations

Don Martin is smelling something fishy in the Dhalla allegations and it's worth a look:"Dhalla affair doesn't pass the smell test." The coordination of these revelations to coincide with the release of that Commons committee report, to occur on the heels of the Vancouver convention and dominate the week, to have Minister Kenney's assistant peddling information at the ready while Kenney purports to be non-partisan with the concerted attack (Guergis, Lois Brown) immediately following the revelations, it's all looking a little too neat. Here's Martin's take:
If the accusations are proven true, with direct links to MP Dhalla, she’s a goner. But there’s something unseemly about Liberals launching an internal whisper campaign and Conservatives going on the public attack against Dhalla before she’s had time to defend her name. And there’s precious little evidence to suggest this notorious workaholic has ever refused the call of Liberal duty by her leader or anyone else.

Something doesn’t smell right in having two former nannies step forward a year after they left the Dhalla family’s employment to suddenly complain about conditions that don’t seem unusually onerous for immigrant workers.

Perhaps I’m being excessively suspicious, but a Conservative hit squad has taken aim at Dhalla for more than a year and her opponent in the last and next election, Parm Gill, has his website up and is a regular tagalong with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

The Conservatives dearly want Dhalla to lose her seat in the next election -- and procuring this sort of scandal is perfect takedown material. Then again, I’m not sure the Conservatives would leak their mischief to The Star, hardly their most friendly media outlet.

Still, the fact that Dhalla is but one member of a family home, is rarely at the residence and no longer a practicing chiropractor doesn’t seem to matter. To suggest the workers’ alleged mistreatment at being ordered to shovel snow and do cleaning duties at the clinics is all the Brampton MP’s doing is a hard swallow.

It doesn’t pass the test of name-ruining scandalous legitimacy, but such is the price for being a star political target.
As for the leak to the Star...why not leak to a counter-intuitive source?

Let the investigations happen, sure, but let's not lose sight of the other political realities and opportunism going on here.

One other note, Dhalla has called for an ethics investigation today as well. As far as I can tell, she's meeting the allegations head on, just as you would want to see an MP do.

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