Saturday, May 02, 2009

On to Ignatieff

A few notes on the video tribute...

It appears to be similar to the French advertising campaign spots that ran in the October election that were excellent, the speakers with a white background. Loved those spots and it's working here too.

Relied heavily on shots with Obama, and, um, why not? Overall, a powerfully produced video...a series of lines on Canada offered up in the video by citizens that were effective, where "public service" is respected, where Cda is respected around the world.

I'm sensing a tag line, "We can do better."

Ignatieff's speech:

Biggest applause in response to key aspects of Ignatieff's proposals, from "equal start for every child with world class early learning," equal pay for equal value, education opportunity, support for artists, national standards for EI eligibility. Goes into an example of Humber College students who contacted the international space station this year as an example of what Canadians should be doing in terms of research, technology, "astonishing" ourselves is what Canadians should be doing. Research, technology, education forming backbone of what Ignatieff is laying out today.

Recollecting reporting internationally, returning to Canada and cites Cda as light to other nations...if foreign policy, as Rae was alluding yesterday, is going to form a big part of the Ignatieff vision, there's a prime opportunity to contrast with the Harper government here. "The Canadian way." "We are good allies, we are good neighbours and we are the best friends you've ever had."

Taking it to the Harper crew a bit now...calls out spite and spin, no more following on world Harper, you unleashed a national unity crisis and saved yourself by sending Parliament home, Mr. Harper, "vous ne comprenez pas, Canada." Prime Minister's role is to unite the country, one job and one job line of speech so far, if you can't unite Canadians, we can.

Overall impression, Ignatieff ramped up in the second half of the speech significantly and had some strong lines, some of which have been noted above. Clearly comfortable speaking about education, research, the future, positivity, and on the latter point, there is significant room for success against the negativity, narrowness and partisan divisiveness that the Harper government has sown.

Think that may be it from the blog for me today...from here on out tonight, likely lots of Twittering, check the #van09 tag on twitter.