Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Regretting that membership strategery?

Teneycke fires back at former PM Mulroney who in his first day of testimony at the Oliphant Commission pointed out a number of failings of PM Harper, including the GST cuts, Quebec leadership and prime ministerial management style:
"A spokesman for Mr. Harper said it's not a surprise that Mr. Mulroney is 'very angry' at the Prime Minister, but said calling the inquiry was the right thing to do.

'No one in our government takes any pleasure from watching Mr. Mulroney have to defend his reputation at an inquiry,' Kory Teneycke said. '[But] let's not forget that Mr. Mulroney asked for this inquiry himself.'"
The great Conservative internecine war of 2009 continues. That membership strategery thing out of the PMO brain trust, sheer genius.

By the way, to lighten up your day, here's one person's creative take on Day 1 of the Mulroney testimony:

Well, clearly there was more than that and obviously, Mr. Newman is not part of the proceedings. Here's a report touching on the moneys referenced in that video, here and Chantal Hebert on day one, here.