Sunday, May 24, 2009

The view from down east

One more review, since it's so darn brutal and fun. The Chronicle Herald weighs in on the you-know-whats:
This is character assassination, pure and simple.
Caricaturing an opponent’s policies is bad enough. But distorting a person’s character is worse — and that is what Mr. Harper specializes in.

The prime minister was repackaged as a sweater-vest-toting father figure during the last election. But the kinder, gentler Stephen Harper, as it turns out, was pulling the wool over the eyes of Canadians. The "sweater" isn’t getting any sweeter.
You see, Maritimers are nice people, through and through, unfailingly so. So it's not surprising to see one of the more scathing editorials of the week from Halifax. A fine one indeed...:)