Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why is Dean Del Mastro taking surveys on behalf of private developers in Peterborough?

(Pet. Examiner)

(5:40 p.m.): See above.

Update (5:50 p.m.): Peterborough Examiner reporting today that Del Mastro's survey going out to dead people. And notes the online action at twitter, search #littlelake.

This morning's post:

From the sounds of things, the Conservative MP from Peterborough may be hurting his re-election prospects and that would be hunky dory around here. Not a fan. There was a public meeting in Peterborough last night over an area known as Little Lake. Apparently there is a city process that has been underway to review its development, in whatever form that may take. It sounds like there is a strong disposition toward maintaining green space and public use. But along comes Del Mastro who appears to be assisting a private developer, to the extent that the developer's proposal is being referred to as "Del Mastro's plan" and "Del Mastro's idea." See below. In doing so, he seems to have galvanized the community against the development proposal:
MP Dean Del Mastro’s idea to build a resort and condominium complex on Parks Canada land next to Little Lake threatened to hijack a city planning process last night.
Several in the audience carried their ballot and information pamphlet that Del Mastro mailed to Peterborough-riding residents last week.

He has asked residents to vote on the idea of allowing a private developer to build on the Trent-Severn Waterway headquarters property that’s owned by the federal government.
Del Mastro’s plan has brought people together to defend the green space, said Mary-Anne Johnston, a Lakefield resident.

His plan has totally galvanized people against it,” she said. (emphasis added)
Dean, Dean, Dean. Is he using public resources with his little survey and with his time to help out this private developer? Seems inappropriate and it sounds like many of his fellow citizens agree.

Petition here which gives you more of a sense of the upset Del Mastro seems to be causing.