Friday, May 08, 2009

With a whimper

In casually announcing late on a Friday that his government will appeal the Federal Court order requiring his government to seek the repatriation of Omar Khadr, the PM once again predictably demonstrates his failure to comprehend that the moment requires this Canadian's repatriation from Guantanamo Bay, site of past torture and imminent closure by the Obama administration:
"The Government of Canada has consistently stated that Omar Khadr faces serious charges," said a statement from the department of Foreign Affairs.

"After careful consideration of the legal merits of the ruling from the Canadian Federal Court issued on April 23, the Government of Canada has decided to appeal the decision.

"As the matter is currently under litigation, we will provide no further comment at this time."
They have the right to appeal but it doesn't mean they should.

The Harper government, stubbornly clinging to Bush era terrorism posturing and failing to stand up for Canada, one abandoned citizen at a time. The international embarrassment continues.