Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Checking in on Dean Del Mastro's survey on behalf of a private developer

Yeah...not feeling the response rate to Mr. Del Mastro's little survey. You know, the survey he's conducting about waterfront land in the Peterborough area, totally separate and apart from the municipal planning process in Peterborough and causing opposition to spring up among citizens. Sounds like the response rate is in the neighbourhood of about 12%. Therefore raising questions about its legitimacy for extrapolating any fair conclusions about support for that private condo development plan Del Mastro is backing:
MP Dean Del Mastro has received 12,000 ballots about the proposed Little Lake development and he says the counting of ballots is running so smoothly that he expects to announce results about a month earlier than planned.

Del Mastro said he anticipates reporting the results around July 1. The tentative date had been Aug. 1.

Del Mastro is using a poll to gauge public interest in a proposal to build a privately owned and operated resort and condominium complex on the Trent-Severn Waterway headquarters property.
98,608 ballots were mailed, many to dead people. Maybe this accounts for the very low response rate.

A few questions then...

Who wrote the ballot question? Was it an independent person with skill in survey creation so as not to bias the outcome? Was the ballot question indeed fair? Who is counting the ballots? Is it a neutral party with no interest in the outcome? Is there going to be any independent verification of the totals that Peterborough residents can expect? Since when is an MP a Chief Returning Officer? Have these developers contributed financially to Mr. Del Mastro? What kind of democracy does Mr. Del Mastro think this is? One that he constructs all by his lonesome?

All seems to be quite an odd way for an MP to be spending his time. Hopefully the citizens of Peterborough will agree, whenever that next election rolls around.