Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 2 of the great summer election of 2009 speculation

Some reaction to yesterday's events...

Star editorials Mr. Harper will not be citing in the House of Commons today:
Ignatieff is right. Harper does not have a majority in Parliament. In governing, he needs to take opposition demands into account. And Ignatieff's demands are reasonable, so compromise is within reach. If nonetheless we find ourselves thrust into a summer election, the blame will lie with Harper.
Roy McGregor puts his finger on part of the challenge Ignatieff issued yesterday:
“The ‘Big Prize,’” Ignatieff said as he listed for four points – call them demands, call them clarifications, who really cares? – is “to make Canadians feel we’ve got a pretty good system here.”
A very interesting column there. A big part of this is about the process, it's not just the asks. That process oriented challenge is terra non firma for Mr. Harper and his crew.

Don Martin's column title says it all about his take: "Stop this election insanity." A bit too cynical, perhaps? But there is something for every cynic there. On things for Mr. Harper to consider at the moment, for example:
He doesn’t need me to translate the public opinion polls. If the current numbers stick — there are clear signs his party’s meltdown in Quebec is almost complete and that Ontario’s drifting Liberal — he will likely lose power and, almost immediately thereafter, his leadership.
Can't say that motivates one to stop the election insanity, actually.

Another day of election speculation but it's only Tuesday, remember! A few lifetimes in politics to go before Friday rolls around...:)