Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dean, Dean, no longer the condo machine

Once more, for old times sake with that stellar shot which said just ever so much. It spoke to the involvement of Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro and his role in advocating for a land development on Parks Canada land in the Peterborough area known as Little Lake. Del Mastro's ballot results came in today and the upshot is that it was a resulting NO. It failed to meet his self-imposed voting threshold of 60%. About 8,000 plus Peterborough area residents out of about 98,000 ballots sent out in total voted in favour of the land development, which would have included condominiums.

Watch the video here of Del Mastro announcing the results today. Sounds defensive, like he has totally backed off and has felt the heat, likely not only from residents who were opposed, but city officials who had their own planning process in place and perhaps Parks Canada too.

The spectacle of an MP running such a ballot, self-administering it in view of the municipal processes that are already in place to handle such projects seemed odd and interfering from the start.

Now we are left to contemplate how much of an impact this adventure will have on Mr. Del Mastro's political fortunes next time out...

Update: While Del Mastro does refer to his results as having demonstrated a majority level of support, the fact remains that his own 60% threshold was not reached. He's in a corner there. And I'm reading a lot into his resigned tone in that video linked to above which appears on a Kawartha News paper site and his pledges not to push it. It sounds as if Del Mastro's washing his hands of it.

Update: One other thought, you just can't help but think that this kind of attention getting individual initiative exhibited by Mr. Del Mastro is just not the kind they smile upon in the PMO...I mean, it's hard to imagine he ever got the green light for this referendum-palooza in the first place.