Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good question

"PM poised to give away energy future," letter to the editor today on Kory Teneycke's remarkable comments the other night on AECL as a $30 billion sinkhole and the Conservatives' expressed intent of getting out of the nuclear medicine business:
Canada has some of the largest and safest nuclear power plants on the planet. It has the most important source of medical isotopes in the world. It has a Prime Minister who is supposed to be an economist but he clearly doesn't understand the value of producing things at home. In a poorly thought-out interview, Stephen Harper's communications director made broad condemnation of one of the flagship research organizations of our country. Demonstrating once again the complete ignorance of the role of science and technology in society that characterizes the current government, they are setting out to change the course of the country while knowing full well that Canadians do not agree with such a decision. Why should we suddenly make such a huge sea change in our thoughts over the course of one year (since the Linda Keen affair)? John Diefenbaker killed the Avro Arrow and along with it nearly eliminated the Canadian aviation industry; Brian Mulroney sold Toronto airport to industry and Canadians had to pay millions of dollars to buy it back. It looks like Harper is poised to give Canada's energy future away to a foreign power before exiting the stage himself. Why do Canadians keep electing these people?

Tom McElroy, Toronto

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