Wednesday, June 24, 2009

N.S. Conservative party leadership open...anyone?

Well, it's been kind of fun of late to speculate about a certain federal Conservative's possible exit to take on his home province's party leadership. Guess we'll now see just what Peter MacKay's judgment is about his best future political prospects in light of Nova Scotia PC leader Rodney MacDonald's stepping down, announced today.

Is it to stay in Ottawa on the chance that the federal Conservatives can hang on? Irrespective of whether the federal Conservatives win or lose in the next election, Mr. Harper's leadership gig will likely be up within the next year or so. Even what is viewed to be the best possible result for Harper to hope for now, another minority, will likely start the leadership push from within his own party. So MacKay will likely be factoring in his likelihood of succeeding to the leadership. Which, depending on what MacKay does, will be an interesting statement in and of itself as to where the dial is set on the political spectrum in the Conservative party at the moment.

On the other hand, any aspirants to the Nova Scotia job now will have to be patient. After all, it's a majority government and the new leader will have to spend his or her time over the next few years in a bit of political wilderness.

A bit of fun speculation for the junkies on a hot summer afternoon in any event...