Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday morning notes

1. Sounds like there will be more coming from the Raitt tape at some point, Stephen Maher's column suggests that today: "...(we are now having the recording cleaned up electronically so we can hear more of the conversation)...". As long as they're cleaning it up carefully, we know how these Conservatives can be about these tapes.

Jennifer has video of Lisa Raitt's appearance back in her Halton riding from yesterday.

2. From Jane Taber's column today, this quote stood out:
One Tory strategist said “Doug is nothing if not prepared … And accidents can happen in minority parliaments, especially when male bravado gets in the way of common sense.”
What is the presumption there from this strategist? That it's an all male affair in the parliament? That's a little offensive and exclusionary to hear.

3. The Prime Minister is apparently seeing ghosts:
Harper signalled the political strategy he will adopt if the government faces defeat. "Nobody wants to see the coalition again," he told the media yesterday.
It just sounds rather odd at the moment, doesn't it? As in, what did he just say? That old saw? He said the same thing on Fox News as well, to Americans, misrepresenting the workings of Canadian government to that audience. He may have been on Fox, but this desperate "coalition" bit of deception is intended for Canadians. Little problem though, the word likely reminds people of what he did at the time, as in his unprecedented shutdown of the government as he ran away from defeat. As the recession was kicking in. The fall was a write-off when he should have been working.

4. Speaking of that disastrous little episode, even his former campaign manager thinks Harper's image remains battered as a result and needs time to recover, as the Globe reports today. Yet there's Harper out there reminding everyone about it? Don't get it...but surely Harper doesn't mind his pal out there making a few bucks with the book update at his expense...

5. A bit of "housekeeping" around here...on Twitter it's customary to thank people when they "retweet" or recirculate something you've said there. Not hard and fast, but it tends to be done by a lot of people. It got me to thinking that I really needed to thank three bloggers who this week linked to a few of my posts at various times and who were reciprocally blogging on the same subject matters, mostly the Raitt/Conservative incompetence that blew up this week. Those three: the Galloping Beaver, Canadian Cynic and Scott Tribe. So thanks, guys and gals, not only for the links but for your work on it all as well (if I may be so presumptuous to say such a thing). Hopefully, it is all making a difference.