Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Very telling plea from the PM

"Harper to Ignatieff: Don't send Canadians back to the polls." No kidding. If you were presiding over the degree of incompetence presently on display on a daily basis from all corners of your government, you'd say exactly the same thing. A decision on whether to have an election should be taken for substantive, serious reasons not for the sake of our summer vacations, election fatigue or the tyranny of the latest polls that are constantly flung at us. Really? Canadians tell pollsters they don't want an election? There's a shocker. At this rate, there'd never be a good time for an election. None of what the PM had to say today on election timing should be seriously factored into anyone's deliberations. Video here.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper "strongly advised" Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff Wednesday against bringing down the Conservative government.

"I've had three elections in four years," Harper told reporters in Quebec City. "I think that's more than enough for the Canadian public. I don't meet anyone … of any political persuasion who wants to spend the summer fighting an election."

The country doesn't need the "political stability" an election would trigger just as it begins to emerge from a recession, Harper said.

"So you can certainly count on this government being against any kind of election in the near future. I would strongly advise the Opposition of the same thing."

Along with the deficit numbers that the government's lost all credibility on, the basic competence of the Harper government is in question and the case can be made to remove them quite handily. Of course they're against an election:
* The "major medical crisis" provoked by the shutdown of the isotope-producing nuclear reactor at Chalk River.
* The government's refusal to adopt equal access to employment insurance across the country.
* The fact that only six per cent of infrastructure funds have actually started flowing.
Throw in Minister Raitt's uber-blundering of the last week, not just in respect of misplaced documents, but her lackadaisical performance on the isotope shortage, and it's no wonder the PM wants to avoid an election. There are perfectly legitimate reasons to defeat this government, Mr. Harper knows it. His detached, calm shrugging of the shoulders performance is quite telling.