Sunday, July 12, 2009

2008 election riding result maps: poll by poll

Updated (4:00 p.m.) below.

Thanks to Pundits' Guide for promoting the fact that Elections Canada has just released datasets of "Digital Federal Electoral District Boundary Files" and notably "Digital Polling Division Boundary Files from Election 2008, here. Amateur map enthusiasts/political junkies are already making good use of the data released and they are producing colour-coded riding results from Election 2008 (thanks to the person known as "the 506"in particular). If you are clever and proficient (and insane?) enough, you could do this at home, all 308 ridings worth. Political parties, of course, should hopefully have this information and be putting the data to good use.

Pundits' Guide explains why these just released datasets are notable:
Until this point, Elections Canada had only made boundary files of the federal ridings public. But as any political junkie will tell you, they want the poll-by-poll data to really make sense of what happened in a certain riding. Elections Canada does publish the poll-by-poll numeric results, but until now, THERE WAS NO WAY TO ACTUALLY KNOW WHERE THOSE POLLS WERE (unless you were a senior party activist with access to the data, a university student or professor, or someone with extra piles of cash sitting around to buy the physical maps, and tons of time on hand to construct your own boundary files).
Here are a few of the city results that citizens have created thus far...

Vancouver (click all images to enlarge):

Downtown Toronto (7 ridings):

That would be Parkdale-High Park, my riding, on the far left. Only red & orange, no blue, so sad. The colours, of course, match the individual polls won by the particular party.

The two largely orange ridings would be Trinity-Spadina & Toronto-Danforth. Toronto-Centre, Bob Rae's riding is quite red. Overall, not much blue except for patches in Rosedale and Forest Hill and perhaps a few condo areas on the waterfront (which seems strange).



They've also done Quebec City, Central Nova, Edmonton-Strathcona, Saskatoon-Biggar and there may be others by the time you check in with it.

Update (4:00 p.m.): Looks like Regina has been added today.