Friday, July 24, 2009

All aboard the RIM bandwagon...

Update (late Friday p.m.): Ericsson has won the Nortel auction. Now we'll see what, if anything, the Harper government decides to do:
(Friday 5:00 p.m. post) Sounds like Deficit Jim's a bit nervous. A week of devastating publicity over your government's inaction will do that to a fella' I suppose. As the Nortel asset action gets underway in New York, Deficit Jim gets on the RIM bandwagon, chucking Clement over the side in the process:

On Friday, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty vouched for RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie's quest to acquire Nortel assets.

“I think he's a great Canadian and I think he's entirely right to ask for the government to be concerned about the issue,” Mr. Flaherty said in Toronto, where he was attending a public event.

“What we want to see is a level playing field, we don't want to see anyone excluded from the process with respect to the sale of the assets of Nortel.”

However, Mr. Flaherty said it's up to Industry Minister Tony Clement to make any ultimate decisions.

Mr. Clement said this week that he wouldn't intervene in Nortel's auction, but that he hoped Nortel would meet with RIM executives to discuss a compromise.

Flying by the seat of their pants, ladies and gentlemen...