Saturday, July 25, 2009

Economic deconstructionism

Oh, looky at who's in the Globe today:
As important as rail was to the founding of Canada, telecommunications is to holding Canada together today (The Fight For Nortel - Report on Business, July 24). The federal government must intervene to ensure that Nortel’s assets continue to serve Canada’s strategic interest. A bailout does not make sense but ensuring the assets remain under Canadian oversight is in our interest.

Unfortunately, this government has willingly sacrificed the public interest before (the lumber industry, medical isotopes, wheat marketing). Stephen Harper’s economic deconstructionism is making John Diefenbaker’s sacrifice of our aerospace industry look trivial in comparison.

Eugene Parks, Victoria
Nice term that's been christened here, fitting. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue for electoral sloganeering or anything, but it certainly captures a big story that needs to be told.