Thursday, July 16, 2009

False equivalence

"Egregious incivility." So opines the Globe on the incident of Barrie Conservative MP Patrick Brown's remarks this week upon learning that his riding association president and another board member have been charged for "allegedly participating in a gang sexual assault." Brown, exercising novel judgment, proceeded to use the opportunity of that news to slime the Liberals. Would everyone prefer that this road not have been travelled? Absolutely. How utterly inappropriate for this MP to have undertaken this nasty little campaign. I would hope that the people of Barrie are paying close attention to his act. So what did Brown do in spite of common decency and a sense of who he is, a Member of Parliament? He immediately proceeded to state that the accused were actually Liberals, among other things, said Brown. This tells you very much, very much about the character of such Conservative MPs and that such bottom-feeding partisan bomb throwing is countenanced in the Conservative party. You don't hear such attacks from Liberals. You just don't.

Now if you are a Liberal, what to do with bombs launched your way? Apparently, be very careful in how you the Liberal catch such mud balls. Must be very fine in wrestling with the pigs in the mud. It gets you editorials that suggest you're equally guilty of "eroding civility in federal politics." Which is nonsense. Leaving the Conservatives unredressed is a recipe for exactly that. We could go on. But let's not be afraid of putting responsibility for such incidents where they properly lie. But for MP Brown's asinine remarks, no instance of "egregious incivility" would be taking up valuable real estate on the pages of a national newspaper.