Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Helena Guergis' big cheques

Thankfully, we have ears and eyes on the ground in the good boroughs of Simcoe-Grey to provide you with all the giant cheque action going on (below) in Conservative Guergis' riding (thx DH).

What I would like to know, however...why haven't I seen any of these giant cheques being handed out in Parkdale-High Park? Could it be that my riding suffers from a certain Liberal persuasion? Much like those non-Conservative ridings in Halifax that seem to be suffering the snub too? Hmmm?

So what excellent big cheque adventures do we have...

First cheque above is for $250,000 plus to the "Pretty River Academy" private school. Second cheque is for $180,000 from the "RINC" programme for a pool. Like the "Canada" "creating jobs" slogan?

Just a few more:

That's $3.8 million for the Blue Mountains, fyi:

Guergis said her riding, Simcoe-Grey, and The Blue Mountains did "exceptionally well" when it came to allocating the $3.9 billion reserved for Ontario municipalities.

She said she wasn't going to stop with this announcement and would continue to ask municipalities what they needed, and what they would like to see the federal government doing for municipalities and for the local economies.

Will be keeping my eyes peeled for the big cheques down here, but so far, looks like only one tiny blue shovel from in a big chunk of Toronto that includes Parkdale-High Park:

Conservative Simcoe-Grey? Swimming in it.