Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ignatieff stampeding today

Yes to this:
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has blasted the Conservative government for using attack ads that suggest the Bloc Quebecois is soft on pedophiles, saying such tactics are "unworthy" of Canadian politics.

The Liberal leader criticized the ads while speaking to party supporters at an event in Calgary on Saturday.
Ignatieff sided with the Bloc on Saturday during a speech to Liberal party supporters at a Calgary Stampede breakfast.

"They're basically accusing the Bloc Quebecois of being soft on pedophiles," he said.

"I'm in politics to defeat the Bloc Quebecois with real arguments, rather than slurs and vicious . . . personal attacks. This is unworthy."

He also repeated a similar message in French.

"I will never descend to that level of attack because when we do this, we fragment our country, we divide our country. We create suspicion and fear and hurt, where there has to be healing."
Ignatieff addresses the other recent round of attack ads against him personally as well but that redress of the ten percenters being disseminated by the Conservatives in Quebec was well done. Highlighting Harper's negativity, appealing to a positive way of doing politics. There's a subtle national element to Ignatieff's remarks too, appealing for a heightened level of civil national discourse in our politics. Like it, think there's a very ripe opening here.

CP has more on the Ignatieff breakfast. The report notes that Harper's barbecue event at the stampede is this evening. People attending might want to follow this timely advice on proper etiquette...:)