Monday, July 06, 2009

Jazz from Quebec

Political jazz first...a report from Le Devoir, describing Liberal nomination efforts in Quebec, part of the party's being in "electoral mode" in Quebec. Forty candidates will be in place by Labour Day, ten already nominated, thirty more to come in that time frame. Sounds like serious bidness.

Denis Coderre is quoted in the report, sounding remarkably on the same message as Michael Ignatieff at the Stampede, in respect of the Conservative "pedophile" ads against the Bloc being a desperate measure, an attack at a level to which no one should descend. They're playing that one pretty well. It's become an opportunity for the Liberals to step in and make a positive appeal for higher standards in political debate. The Liberals appear to Quebec voters like they're doing a decent thing, sticking up for a fellow political party that's being outlandishly denigrated, yet they simultaneously maintain that they're against the Bloc. Not bad. Appeals to federalists and soft-nationalist Bloc voters.

Even if we assume these ads have some effect, where would Bloc voters go? Likely not to the Conservatives. At least not the way things look now. There's a Globe report today on the continuing saga of sinking Conservative fortunes in Quebec, with word now that the floundering ADQ and Harper's dalliance with them is falling apart, that some of the party is looking to the Liberals given Conservative unpopularity. Fluid, they say. Imagine a Quebec bombarded with the worst kinds of attacks, against both the Bloc and the Liberals in whatever ad campaign the Conservatives have planned for Quebec, next. What would be the outcome of that poison brew?

And then... there's the real jazz, as in this guy, Patrick Watson, who apparently gave quite a show at the Montreal Jazz festival Sunday night. Here's some of it from the Gazette:

And a brief clip from the Youtubes:

If you can't be there, the next best thing. Short clips but he seems remarkably talented and was very well-reviewed. What a great night that must have been, feels like summer when the Jazz festival gets in full gear. And a nice break from all that stuff above...:)