Friday, July 24, 2009

Letter of the day

These aren't your grandma's Progressive Conservatives:
The purchase of Nortel assets is yet another example of a firmly held belief being acted upon. Better Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland handle the sale of Western Wheat than the Canadian Wheat Board. Better the sales end of AECL be placed in private hands. Better self-regulation than government inspectors.

Nothing wrong in loaning a foreign company 45 per cent of the cost price of buying part of Nortel, formerly a Canadian "icon." There's to be no government interference in the market place, even though the price is above what was set in the budget omnibus bill as the point in which government would become interested in ensuring business dealings had some benefit for Canada.

It will be most interesting to follow what response will come from the Harper Conservatives to a Canadian firm like Research in Motion arguing it is wrong "that Nortel's world leading technology, funded in part by Canadian taxpayers, seems destined to leave Canada." Not only arguing but backing its words with offers to purchase Nortel technology and keep it Canadian, a matter of no concern to the Prime Minister.

Joe Hueglin, Former Progressive Conservative MP, Niagara Falls
(think that was actually from yesterday, but missed it, is equally relevant today and is well said)

See also...more great reporting in the Globe today on the RIM/Nortel saga, "RIM dangles prospects of joint bid for Nortel assets," and a Star editorial as well, "Ottawa MIA on Nortel."