Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"One of the world's most stable democracies"

Celebrate but with a sense of vigilance:
On this Canada Day, we celebrate, as the anthem puts it so well, this "glorious" nation — its history, its future, and its very nature as one of the world’s most stable democracies.

What we take for granted, the right to vote and have it fairly counted, to live in a land protected by rule of law, is but a dream for far too many people in other nations.

It’s a sobering reminder, as we look around the world today — to the repressive dictatorship of North Korea, the vote-stealing theocracy of Iran or the takeover by military coup in Honduras — that Canada’s system of government, despite its many faults, remains the envy of many people on this planet. (emphasis added)
Yes, we're envied but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't take time today to reflect on how our limits as a democracy have been pushed this past year, to an extent that was shocking. We don't need to rehash the historic events today, but I'm sure they'll cross quite a few minds.

As for the rule of law, we're seeing it tested and resisted on a too frequent basis in this country these days under this government. We need a government that won't have to be forced, kicking and screaming, to stand up for its citizens abroad. One that won't have to be forced into court repeatedly to live up to its obligations. Soon, I hope and maybe by the time the next Canada Day rolls around, that will be the case.

Have a good one!