Thursday, July 02, 2009

One woman, one blog = Dean Del Mastro, skewered

Ann Douglas takes Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro to school. Please take the time to read this excellent post.

The referendum ballot that Del Mastro just conducted in his Peterborough riding, where he invested taxpayer funds to send ballots to 98,000 people in order to determine support for a private development project on Parks Canada lands is a stunning example of a sense of misguided priorities from this MP.

The referendum exercise meant barging in on a municipal process that was in place and functioning on its own, involving muncipal land.

It was conducted in utter ignorance of how a legally proper referendum should be run, i.e., independently of an interested party, to name just one aspect of the process that was problematic.

And it perhaps involved an attempt by the Conservative party to gather voter information for their database by requiring voters to include their names, addresses and telephone numbers on these ballots. What use has been made of these ballots?
Our MP either fails to recognize the implications of his actions - or he doesn't care. Either possibility is mind-boggling - and should serve as a wake-up call for citizens of this riding.
Hope that wake-up call has been loud and galvanizing in Peterborough.