Friday, July 03, 2009

Protocol breach

By the PM who stepped in and received the salute that is by protocol given to the commander in chief of the Canadian Forces, the Governor General. Video here of the Canada Day incident. (Update Friday p.m.: Go here for YouTube version of the video, previous link no longer operative.)

He's not an American President. Why won't anyone say no to this person?

Update (Friday a.m.): Letter to the editor of the National Post today with another perspective:
In watching the events from Ottawa on Canada Day, I was astounded to note that our Prime Minister took the salute from the military. This breach of protocol on our national day of celebration is an insult to our head of state, the Queen. In Canada, only the head of state or her representative, the governor-general, are entitled this honour. Michaelle Jean did receive a secondary salute; that should have indeed been the only one.

I've witnessed the erosion of royal prerogatives and protocol in the past three decades, but this latest infringement bears comment. We are a constitutional monarchy. If Stephen Harper wishes to emulate the protocol of our neighbour to the south and aspire to a quasi-presidential style of honours, I would suggest that he move to that republic. The term, "prime minister," in effect, states that the holder of that office is the first minister of the Crown and as such, he serves the Crown/the people.

My Canada includes the monarchy.

Regina Silva Robinson, Toronto.