Saturday, July 04, 2009

The welcome wagon

New Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak gets a warm welcome from the voters, as you will see in this round of letters to the editor of the Star today. Not much love for Mr. Hudak's "get a grip" blunt force remark directed at the Toronto city workers on strike at the moment.

But wait, there's more of the warm and fuzzy Hudak today. Yes, could be a whole new segment of the population ready to get ticked off. This time at Hudak's seeming indifference to his lack of French speaking ability:
"My French is very poor," Hudak acknowledged after winning his party's leadership last weekend, suggesting that learning Canada's other official language is not a top priority.

"I've got a lot ahead of me. Certainly, that's on the list of projects, but we'll see what time allows in my new role," added Hudak, who must unite a divided party, come up with a policy platform and become better known to voters if he hopes to beat McGuinty at the polls in the 2011 election.
Not feelin' the respect there! In fact, not hearing any expression of good will toward the French speaking citizens of Ontario. At least the new NDP leader is demonstrating that courtesy and is committing to learn the language. Sounds like she cares. Hudak, not so much.

Maybe Mr. Hudak has missed his Politics 101 course, because he seems to have things backwards. He might like to try getting people to vote for him, as opposed to creating blocks of voters to line up against him.

Think he's going to be a fun new one to follow...