Thursday, August 27, 2009

Conservative MPs break with party on asbestos

Maybe just the beginning, in the wake of the Canadian Medical Association resolution supporting a ban on asbestos exports, passed with 95% support at its recent annual meeting, there's this news:"Two Tories defy party, call for asbestos ban"
Two Conservative MPs have broken ranks with the government over support for the asbestos industry as Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff faces criticism in Quebec for opposing the export of what he called such "dangerous substances."

Conservative MP Dona Cadman of British Columbia told Canwest News Service Thursday she would love to see asbestos mining operations in Quebec shut down, adding "I could get myself in a lot of trouble for this."

Ontario Conservative MP Pat Davidson told the Sarnia Observer last week — after the Canadian Medical Association called for a ban on asbestos use and exports — that "I'm definitely not supporting the mining or exporting of asbestos."
"I'm really concerned about it," Cadman said. "I mean, here we are, we're ripping it out of our walls in Ottawa and yet we're still manufacturing it. Now we're sending something that is unsafe to Third World countries that don't have the ability or the resources to put the safety practices in."
And what's this...praise for Ignatieff who is getting hammered for his stance in the Thetford Mines region:
Kathleen Ruff, a longtime human rights activist who lobbies MPs to take a stance against asbestos, praised Ignatieff as "very gutsy" for making his statements in Quebec.
Not mentioned in this reporting, in conjunction with his stance on asbestos, Ignatieff has stated that "other work will have to be found for local workers if production is halted." Hard to watch this CBC report and not agree.