Friday, August 28, 2009

Conservative strategist on Harper's record Senate appointments: "I just don't think people care"

All you need to know about the Conservative mode of governing in one little paragraph:
A top Conservative strategist, speaking on background, dismissed public backlash to the Senate appointments

"I just don't think people care, number one. And it's fair. We gave reform a go. We need Conservatives in the Senate who are loyal to the party, to the cause and to him (Harper.)"(emphasis added)
He doesn't think people care if Harper says one thing, and does another. Really. Can't say it helps that trust factor at all.

They gave reform a go. No, they pretended to push a fake plan that is unconstitutional. They need 7 provinces to pass it. No effort at all has been made on that front.

They need Senators who are loyal "to him." No, Senators represent their provinces if anything and since they serve "for life," they're not loyal to any one PM at any time. Harper Conservatives may view all hands in government as loyal "to him," but that's not normal or correct.

Cynical and misguided. At least they're not shy about it.