Monday, August 17, 2009

Dutch versus Canadian reaction to isotope shortage

There's the Dutch reaction to the isotope shortage:
"We here in the Netherlands are forming a task force this month to prepare for the worst scenario in 2010," Dr. J. Fred Verzijlbergen, the head of the Dutch Society of Nuclear Medicine, said in an email.

"People from the industry ... government, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy have to co-operate and study every possibility to keep the medical radioisotope production intact."

"Shutdown of Chalk River and Petten for a long period will have huge consequences, this time also for patients with cancer diagnostics and treatments."
Task force of all key stakeholders working together in recognition of an urgent health care crisis. Co-operation. There's a concept.

And then there's the Harper government way:
In other words, not working together, antagonism and delaying action. Quite the contrast.

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