Friday, August 14, 2009

Editorial rebukes Health Minister Aglukkaq

Rightly so, the indignation expressed by Leona Aglukkaq at having to appear before the parliamentary health committee deserved to be called out:
...the government's dismissive attitude toward opposition MPs' attempts to ask questions about the steps being taken to protect Canadians from the H1N1 virus is surprising.
... is not too much to ask that she provide explanations and respond to pertinent questions about a potentially life-and-death issue in a public forum. If the government is as confident in its H1N1 response as it has claimed, and eager to set to rest Canadians' concerns, it should have welcomed the opportunity.

...Ms. Aglukkaq left the meeting before some of the MPs had expected, after answering only a few questions.
Ms. Aglukkaq clearly should have stayed and answered every last question from the committee. The H1N1 issue is not one to be mucked around with by anyone for partisan reasons. Glad to see notice being served to the government on this issue.