Thursday, August 20, 2009

Foreign Affairs speaking out anonymously on Kenya debacle

Of interest today, anonymous Foreign Affairs personnel are speaking to media about their colleague recalled from Kenya:
"...government sources insisted that the diplomat, former vice-consul Liliane Khadour, has simply ended her two-year diplomatic posting and has not been recalled to face disciplinary action.

'This is obviously larger than the actions of a single person,' a Foreign Affairs Department source told Canwest News Service on Wednesday on the condition of anonymity.

'What we're trying to ensure is that a single person isn't demonized in public.'"
Surely if there is an impartial round of investigations going on, led by Lawrence "Loose" Cannon and Peter Van Loan, such comments don't need to be made anonymously to media. Perhaps a sign of distrust in the investigations then. Maybe someone sees that the public calls for Khadour to be suspended may be just too tempting for the government to use and hang their investigative conclusions on. 

The investigations should indeed be impartial and there should be accountability for anyone involved. The proposition offered here, that the Mohamud affair is "obviously larger than the actions of a single person," sounds like a reasonable call for thoroughness in those investigations. 

The Star is editorializing along the same lines this morning.