Thursday, August 20, 2009

Letters to the editor

A view on two would-be nuclear experts:
We all know what Homer Simpson and Stephen Harper have in common -- they both think they are nuclear quality control experts. The difference between the two is that Homer's mistakes don't cost lives whereas Mr. Harper's government's catastrophic bungling of medical isotope management is a life-and-death crisis for the entire world.

If Mr. Harper doesn't want history to label him as the Homer Simpson of Canadian politics, he needs to spend $300-million on Chalk River's Maple Reactors to ensure there is an end to these utterly tragic and needless medical crises.

Eugene Parks, Victoria.
Interesting comparison:) (That figure of $300 million may be high, by the way, there have been estimates that it could be "tens of millions" (U.S. National Academy of Science) or, it could be in the neighbourhood of the above figure. That would need to be determined.)