Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liberals lining up to take a run at Lawrence Cannon

There are three strong candidates seeking the Liberal nomination in Pontiac to take on Lawrence "Loose" Cannon: Greg Fergus, Cindy Duncan McMillan and Georges Lafontaine. They were recently profiled in this column. McMillan came within a few thousand votes of defeating Lawrence Cannon last time so it is possible that with a better Liberal showing in Quebec, Cannon could be vulnerable and any one of these candidates could give him a good run.

After the summer Cannon has had, you can't help but think that some of his recent greatest hits, from his not-standing-up-for-Canadian-citizens-abroad-summerpalloozza may come back to haunt him in this election. His remarkable statements on the Mohamud case in particular demonstrate the reverse onus kind of philosophy the Harper government has come to adopt in its overseas practices. They're just not standing up for Canadians the way we would expect:
“The individual has to be straightforward, has to let us know whether or not she is a Canadian citizen. She's saying so, but there is no tangible proof to the effect. All Canadians who hold passports generally have a picture that is identical in their passport to what they claim to be.” (CBC News: The National, July 24, 2009)

Two weeks ago, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Mohamud must try harder to prove herself: "The individual Canadian citizen has to let us know whether or not she is a Canadian.” (Toronto Star, Aug 11 2009)
This is the thinking of Cannon, Foreign Affairs Minister, on what Canadians overseas need to do to get his department to act. It's totally backwards and we can do better than this.

If you are interested in helping to defeat Cannon in Pontiac, consider helping Greg Fergus or Cindy Duncan McMillan or Georges Lafontaine (sorry, no campaign website I could find). The nomination meeting is on September 13th.

Knocking off Lawrence Cannon, sounds like a good cause to me.