Tuesday, August 11, 2009

May to run in Saanich–Gulf Islands & challenge Gary Lunn

A good summary of the development from Pundits' Guide, here (h/t Prof_K). May has decided to take on Gary Lunn, our Minister of Ski Hills (h/t CanPolitico for the excellent moniker). With the Olympics in the backdrop, could be interesting. Gary might have to have the help of all his friends again to pull this one out.

Other factors here will be that the Liberal and NDP will both be running vigorous campaigns, no doubt. Last go round, the former Liberal candidate Briony Penn benefited from her "green" background and the NDP candidate having to withdraw. With a full slate of candidates, the splitting could get complicated. With still unknown election dynamics, the way the wind blows in a campaign could significantly factor.

Not a major post here...really just wanted to take a Cynic kind of moment and, well, say for once: "Did I call it or what?"