Monday, August 03, 2009

The Nanook chronicles

Pesky northern residents writing letters:
Re The Search For A Vision To Match Arctic Vastness (Aug. 1): As the burden of illness mounts from the H1N1 virus sweeping across Nunavut, in part due to our housing crisis and overcrowding, it is shocking to me that our government will spend more on a single icebreaker than it has in three years of investment in housing in Canada’s North. Most of the military posturing in the Arctic is ridiculous and expensive. Invest in brains, not brawn: It’s high time to put Arctic people first.

Madeleine Cole, Iqaluit
Let's put her down as not a fan of upcoming Operation Nanook.

Oh looky, here's another: "Arctic needs roads, not icebreakers: N.W.T. premier." Hmmm...sounds like kind of an important stakeholder that's been excluded from the great Arctic plans. Way to bring the northern leadership on board or what.

And to wrap up this little post, Kady O'Malley has more on the Canadian population's reaction to the Arctic sovereignty p.r. effort, as captured by government study. To sum up, we're not too impressed. In fact, the views, which you can read in more detail there, seem to be that it's all talk, too much military, not enough attention to the environment/climate change, there is a need for northern infrastructure, yadda, yadda, yadda. Somewhat along the lines of the complaints of the folks referenced above.

But we can probably rest assured...none of this reality-based opinion is likely to get in the way of the PMO and the big honking photo-ops. I mean, not listening to Canadians and doing what they want instead...that's their thing, right?