Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ontario government fighting the Conservative HST weak kneed crowd

"Ontario fighting claims that Ottawa had nothing to do with tax harmonization." What else can you do when we have a federal government that seems intent on picking and choosing their version of the truth on any given issue for political advantage? Call it out:
Ontario is fighting back against federal Conservatives who say Ottawa had nothing to do with the province's decision to move ahead with tax harmonization.

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan says some Tories are trying to have it both ways by encouraging provinces to move to a single sales tax, then speaking out against it when their constituents complain.

He says Ottawa gave him "4.3 billion dollars of reasons" to move ahead with tax harmonization - referring to the amount of federal cash Ontario will receive to ease the transition.

The Prime Minister's Office and several federal Tories have recently distanced themselves from the contentious plan to merge provincial sales taxes with the federal GST, which will hike the cost of many items currently exempt from the provincial levy.

They say Ottawa had nothing to do with the decision even though it's kicking in billions of dollars to make it happen in both Ontario and British Columbia.
Good to see lots of attention on Conservative squirming here. Jim Flaherty loves him some harmonized sales tax:
"This is solid economic policy in the long run for Canadian businesses and therefore for Canadian jobs and for growth of the Canadian economy," he said...
We all know it no matter how much they protest.