Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Operation Nanook: the most expensive photo-op you’ll ever see"

An evocative description of a key moment during the PM's trip to the north last week:
Three CF-18 fighter jets swoop low over Frobisher Bay and kick in the afterburners. The roar vibrates deep in the chests of the dozens of sailors, media and dignitaries assembled on the deck of the HMCS Toronto, a naval frigate.

Off the port bow, the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson, and the HMCS Cornerbrook, one of Canada’s four naval submarines, hold their positions.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, flanked by defense minister Peter MacKay and the Toronto’s captain, Cmdr. Alex Grant, happens to be between the bank of cameras and the ships as the jets blast by and the shutters click. This, obviously, is not a coincidence. In fact, the whole thing is delayed until all three ships are perfectly aligned.

It may just be the most expensive photo opportunity ever staged in Nunavut.
Yes, we wonder how much this huge display cost. While there were clearly some military training/exercises going on, as I'm sure they carry out on a regular basis, you cannot help but be left with the impression that there was great additional expense and effort that was coordinated here for the political purposes of the PMO. And at a time of record deficit in the country. Indeed, the entire trip was characterized as an "election-style" tour.

Will be watching to see where these photos pop up in the future.

(h/t Equivocator for the link)