Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PMO rhetoric watch

Watching the Conservative rhetoric again today. Signs from the PMO that yet again show how defensive they are about a fall election:
The Conservatives, who won a strengthened minority in an election last October, argue that Canada's economic recovery is too fragile to risk another election now.

"We're hearing the Canadian public telling us this is a very dangerous time to have an election," Harper spokesman Dimitri Soudas said before the meeting with Layton.
So now it's "dangerous." Three points here.

It's inappropriate for a spokesperson for the PMO to be using such irresponsible and inflammatory language. We'd likely survive the event quite handily, thank you. And not lose our minds in the process, contrary to Conservative talking points attempting to whip up no-election fervor. It would be nice to have a Prime Minister who wouldn't subject us to such nonsense.

Second, it speaks again to their goal, avoiding an election. Warning of how dangerous the climate is can't really be interpreted any other way. Bringing us to the third point, the PMO is being hypocritical. The election last fall and prorogation of parliament until the end of January weren't exactly banner moments in hardworking parliamentary productivity for this Conservative government as the recession set in and Canada plunged into deficit. Where were they then? Quel chutzpah in doling out these little warnings to opposition parties.

More rhetorical fluorish from Soudas tonight:
“The meeting was cordial. But it's also clear to us that the NDP want to work with the Liberals and the Bloc Québécois. I think that Mr. Layton asked for the meeting so he can pretend he's not working with his coalition partners, but the reality is that he is.”
There's that word again. They just can't let it go no matter how many times they're told it's just not going to happen. It's like the play that was used to win the big game last time, they think it'll work again. Guess we will have to continually deal with this silliness in coming months as Conservatives continue to box with shadows.